Analysis & Infographics

Your company’s data can be of great value – if you can find it and use it well. We help you pinpoint the savvy stuff by analyzing existing data and by constructing instruments to gather new data. Once analyzed we help you communicate the results in attractive infographics that serve you well in your business intelligence and marketing needs.


Convincing and attractive infographics are based on sound data, which in turn are based on asking the right questions. After identifying these questions we determine sources of useful existing data. If necessary we explore opportunities for gathering new data.


data gathering

When there is a clarity about what data are needed, the right data can be mined and enhanced. Instruments for gathering new data can be constructed as well. For example: we can help you construct scientifically sound questionnaires for a well chosen target audience.


To make sense of any data, proper statistical analysis is essential. We have the skills to discern interesting patterns in your data and cherry pick the gems that communicate well.

graphic design

However impressive your findings may be, if they are no more than words and numbers, that is all they will ever be. To create maximum impact, we design visually convincing and attractive infographics based on your data.