Bring me your troubles!

But only if your troubles are user related.

I’m a digital designer with more than 20 years of experience. That means I‘ve used framesets, and ticker-tape and designed websites in Photoshop 4. Don’t laugh.

Now I focus on UX and Digital Product Design in an Agile (SCRUM) setting. Digital products are getting bigger and better, and user experience is the arena in which you need to beat your competition. Allow me to explain the difference experience makes. Experience means oversight, business context, not being a one-trick pony, seeing the whole, and knowing when to bootstrap a process or whether to do it by the book. In short, it means you can save money and time by knowing the right approach.

Special thanks to Tel Aviv

Thanks to the tech industry in Tel Aviv, I’ve had the opportunity to work for global enterprises set on disrupting their sector.

I’ve designed many B2B and B2C interfaces with a special mention to Telco BSS. BSS is a complete software solution triple-play operators use to manage… Well, everything. From data-heavy dashboards for decision-makers, logic environments for low-code developers, rating and rules engines, complete product catalogs, a bespoke CRM, etc.

I’m taking a break from Tel Aviv and the long commute from The Netherlands after finishing my last adventure, a tech startup in the fitness industry where I was responsible for the complete user experience from the ground up.


Do you feel a connection?

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