No assembly required

For Pastoe we designed an intuitive furniture configurator, enabling clients to customize and design their dream cabinets with ease.

How to design your own furniture

Renowned for bespoke furniture, Pastoe faced a challenge: developing an intuitive, easy-to-use interactive 3D furniture configurator. Balancing a vast array of options with a user-friendly interface that upheld their brand's aesthetic was the task at hand, ensuring customers aren't overwhelmed while tailoring their unique pieces.

Our UX strategy

At Friendly Users, we love tackling UX challenges head-on. With a comprehensive understanding of Pastoe’s needs, we delved into designing a configurator that was not only visually consistent with the existing corporate website but also simplified the customer journey through effective UX design strategies.

Introducing the configurator

The key to our solution was the use of nested options in the configurator. By carefully structuring the interface, we made sure that only relevant information was visible at any given time, preventing information overload and enhancing ease of use. We also introduced ready-made configurations to inspire customers and serve as a starting point for further customization. This allowed customers to understand the full range of possibilities without feeling overwhelmed by choices.