This page is not about US

It's about UX. It's the thing that brought us together and kept us together since 2013.

We care deeply about great UX

Any utopian telling ALWAYS involves perfect communication and understanding of others. Someone I never met once said: “The most immutable barrier is that between one man and another.” He was canceled right after, but if we look past the casual sexism, he has a point.

The feeling of symbiosis or oneness that comes from outstanding usability is the stuff dreams are made of.


We dream dreams where interfaces are so intuitive we never need to think about them and where the environment adapts to you without conscious thought.


UX Scientist

I am Gert, an experienced digital product designer, product owner and scientist gone rogue. ;-) My Masters in Psychology and PhD in Vision Science give me a firm background in understanding users and how interfaces are perceived. I am friendly and high EQ addition to teams. My ability to analyze and balance the needs of all stakeholders - business expectations, team abilities, end user needs - does well in the IT-projects I work for. To put it briefly: I am that guy who always keeps the overview in complex projects.

Areas of expertise