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1 - 5 days

€1200 - €6000

A usability review is a bottleneck analysis, identifying and removing obstacles to improve user experience and business performance.

Usability Review

Identify UX bottlenecks in your product or service and compile a roadmap for future improvements. A UX audit or usability review is a low-risk, high-yield operation. Using common sense and best practices we can quickly fill your KANBAN with some tasty low-hanging fruit.

Best practices

We use a set of best practices to evaluate your digital product. Nine times out of ten, this alone provides ample room to improve.

When to use?

It’s always a good idea to identify bottlenecks in user experience, but earlier is better. It works great in the beginning stages of design to find premature issues before development starts. When

From zero to hero

We’ve seen hundreds of projects up close. Our experience lets us cut to the chase and pinpoint the biggest blocking issues and opportunities within hours. Who doesn’t love a running start? This is how we leverage our experience to save you money and time.

1. Review

Interviewing the stakeholders: We take a close look at your business model, service(s), target audience and touchpoints. We will critically debrief anything that honks.

2. Snags

We analyze the journey and identify areas where UX obstacles exist. After mapping out important touchpoints we can add conversion targets to the steps bases on similar businesses.

3. Solutions

Based on best practice research and common sense, we propose improvements. Ideally we get a sneak peak at your development process so we can take effort into account.

4. Roadmap

Create a implementation roadmap for the recommended improvements based on impact on user experience and business performance.

The first step to better UX

Can't wait to get started?We have just the thing for over-achievers like yourself. Dig in with our scoping questionnaire to assess the UX of the whatever.

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