Put your user in the driver's seat - from start to end


2-4 months

€ 2000 - € 10.000

Redesigning or designing the overall customer experience, including the interactions that occur before, during, and after product use.

  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Increases efficiency
  • Improves brand image

Service Design

Service design is UX on steroids. We don't think single step. We design the full marathon. From that first query to a favorable review of your service. Great UX in the entire customer journey is the key to long-lasting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

UX as an integral part of your strategy

You’ve decided you want to invest in Service Design. Although we can only applaud your decision, Service Design is labor-intensive if done right and should be positioned as part of your business strategy.

We will always take into account the relationship between your bottom line and UX. This means we will examine the business model and context before we advise on UX. We have been stakeholders ourselves and will never forget you need to have business success to deliver a great experience.

Speed is of the essence

With our combined experience, we get to stand on the shoulders of giants. We have many resources at the ready, and will not squirm to save you a week of work using something we’ve whipped up earlier.

In short, we have access to a lot of ready materials, are faster than most and our guesses are better than average.

One of you

We work the way you work. Whether you want us to join your design sprints, have the designs ready in a commented handover file, or have one of us as a liaison on your Scrum team. Tell us how you develop your service and we’ll make sure we are not the bottleneck in your processes.


Friendly Users

This is how we dooooo-it!

You know, like the song! These are the steps we take when designing a service or product. To be frank, we take shortcuts anywhere we can. Much of UX is universal, not personal. Humans, believe it or not, are very much the same all over the world. This means we get to kickstart your users experience by standing on the shoulders of our UX forbearers.

Research & Analysis

To understand your users' needs, preferences, and behaviors we conduct research. Our analysis methods depend on the type of service, but typically include surveys, interviews, focus groups, observational research, usability testing, and analytics.

Journey & Touchpoints

Imagine a war room with rolls of brown papers up against the walls, littered with a truckload of post-its. Too chaotic? Looks can be deceiving; this is the process, trust us... it works.


Of course we can do paper prototypes, but rather we would invite you to our Figma project - a collaborative design tool that lets us design, build, and share prototypes. Place your comments and reactions directly in the file and follow our cursors as we plot out new interactions.


This is the fun part. Here we get to design high-fidelity, ready-for-production assets in the form of screens, imagery, and components that we can hand over to the developers. Zeplin or Figma lets us create components and styles that directly fit into the workflow of modern development technologies.

The first step to better UX is to get in touch

No need to prep yourself for this one. Plan your discovery call and I'll make sure not to waste our time.