All your data are belong to us!

Through the JoinData web app, Dutch farmers can manage their own agricultural data and regulate who has access to it. We designed the first version of the application.

Navigating the labyrinth of Dutch farming data

Agriculture in the Netherlands has rapidly embraced digital transformation, leading to an explosion of data from various sources. While data offers potential to optimize farming practices, farmers grapple with issues around ownership, security, access, and understanding of their own data.

Our client, JoinData, facilitates data exchange in the agricultural sector, providing a platform for farmers to manage data access and use. However, they needed a more intuitive, user-friendly way for farmers to manage and comprehend the wealth of data at their disposal.

Insights-driven design

We began our journey by talking to farmers, gaining valuable insights into the challenges they face and the solutions they desire. Using these insights, we designed a user experience centered around the farmers’ needs.

Our design aims to simplify the complexity of data management and provide an overview of all data types, categories, and users. We made data management feel less like navigating a labyrinth and more like walking in a well-ordered garden.

Transforming data management

The heart of our solution is a beautifully designed web application. Farmers can easily manage data mandates, controlling who has access to their data and how it is used.

We created a clean, intuitive interface that displays an overview of all the farmer’s data and its users. This allows farmers to quickly see who is using their data and for what purpose, giving them the power and confidence to manage their digital resources.

To help farmers understand the different types and categories of agricultural data, we designed a distinctive icon set. Each icon represents a specific category of data, simplifying the task of identifying and sorting through complex information.


Icon set for agricultural data

The impact of intuitive design

Our user-focused design makes agricultural data management more accessible and less daunting. With the JoinData web application, farmers can take control of their data, gaining clarity, and peace of mind.

The simplicity and intuitive nature of our design has not only empowered Dutch farmers but also set a new standard for agricultural data management platforms worldwide.